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The Wood-elf


The wood-elves are the forest dwelling cousin of the noble silver elves. Ancient texts speak of a great rift between the two races, this separation a casualty of the Great War that raged on between the elves and their high elven kin. The first wood-elves were believed to have returned to the forest because they thought their brethren had become too civilized and forgotten the ways of Azhure, the earth mother.

The wood-elves have retained the graceful stance and the delicate countenance of their cousins the silver-elves, they stand tall and lithe, with long limbs and exquisite faces. But time and distance from the Silver City have changed them. Living in the wilde has strengthened their bodies, making them muscular as well as lean. Their hair has also adapted, so as not to stand out amidst the colours of the wilde. The once light strands have given way into a rich hazel or leafy green. Their faces are browned by the warmth of Kythandria's sun. Their eyes remain the mark of elven-kind, beautiful and iridescent, one in four thousand wood-elves is born with amber eyes, the mark of the dragon Amaranth.

Wood-elves have spent much of their long lives within the great woods of Anayathin, hardly venturing out unless completely necessary. Those that wander tend to be rangers and druids, seeing if they can extend Azhure's blessing to foreign lands. They are slow to speak and quick to laugh and sing. They are artists and bards and poets, another talent shared with others of elven kind though their songs and poems are merry and simple, their art consisting mostly of oils of forest scenery. However they are also fierce protectors of the land, keen of eye and hand, steady of bow.

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