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The Silver-elf


They are known as the First Children, first born of the song of souls that created the races of Kythandria. They are the ancestors of all the elven races, the purest race from which all others stem. They are known as the conquerors, for in the beginning it is said that an elven army slaughtered a thousand races in the name of the High King. They are known by many other names as well, the Shining Ones, the true nobility, the blessed people. No one but the silver elves themselves know their true nature.

As their name belies, no race more exquisite graces the realm. It is said that as Azhure joined in the song, she shaped the silver-elves in the image of Amaranth's mortal form and that the dragon of light herself was the first silver-elf. The silver elves are delicately beautiful, with long graceful limbs and perfect features that are without flaw. Like the dragons of light, their hair is usually a shimmering gold though the colour can range from pale moonlight to the fiery gold of autumn. They have large iridescent eyes of all colours from sapphire to dark violet. A few elves are born with beautiful amber eyes which is said to be the mark of Amaranth and thus proof of royal blood. It is a requisite of all heirs to the elven throne.

Most of the Silver Elves stay within the borders of the Anayathin forest, unwilling to deal with the outsiders who they look upon with disdain. They have little tolerance for other races except the dwarves with whom they trade. Their great mastery of intellect and their highly developed society has made more than a few of them proud arrogant and intolerant to the point of prejudice. Many a dark past has resulted in giving in to this pride and only this shame keeps the elves from disregarding the other races completely. Still they are a good people at heart, followers of the law and respectful of the gods of light.

Unlike their freer cousins the sea and wood elves, the Silver-elves are rigorous of a fault. They value structure and intellect as much as they value beauty and art. As a result there as many mages as there are painters, as many scholars as poets. They remain, all in all, a race filled with mystery. Beautiful, long-lived, and highly intelligent they look out of the world with eyes that have seen the beginning of the world. They are indeed the First Children, favoured of the gods of light.

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