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The Sea-elf


Sea elves are the wayward kindred of the elven race. In the ancient times when the world was still young and much of the land unexplored, the High King of the Silver Citadel sent bands of elves to travel to the ends of the realm so that the lay of the land may be mapped out by the elven cartographers. Though many elves returned a few colonies were shipwrecked and were forced to abandon their motherland. They collectively became what is known as the sea elves.

The sea elves, in as their name implies, are well known for their seafaring skills, bringing many exotic trade goods from all manner of different ports around Kythandria. As merchants and traders sea elves are the most tolerant of all of elvenkind. Their hatred for the orc courses through their viens however, and like all their brethren that hatred runs deep.

Sea elves, like most other elves, are lithe and tall, and most have weathered features from being in the sun and wind on their ships. Milennia by the sea has changed these elves though they retain the delicate beauty of elvenkind. Their skin is tanned and weathered by the sea winds and their hair is usually tinged a slightly blue-green. Strangest however is their ears which seem to be fins instead of flesh. Many sea elves have also developed retractable fins in their lower arms and legs to aid in swimming.

Life of hardy seafarer has made for elves which are stronger than their counterparts, though they are still light of frame and must rely on their wits and agility rather than skills in battle.

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