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The Mrem


The are called, in less polite societies, cat-people (though calling them a mrem by that name in front of its face would, at the very least, earn the would be caller a swat on the ear.)

The origin of the mrem is generally unknown though it is generally accepted that Azhure had a large part to play in their creation. Thus mrem are one of the races which revere nature and fiercely protect it. For some unkown reason they also despise reptiles, making them less than fond of draconians and lizardmen.

They stand at human height, covered in fur from head to paw. Their torso is also distinctly humanoid though as a whole they resemble a very tall cat who has learned to stand upright, whether that cat be an ordinary house cat, a panther or a lion. They even have soft tails which they either tuck away underneath their clothes or proudly allow to hang free. To those who do not understand Mremish, their language is a combination of howls and purs, again in mirror of their feline counterparts

Mrem villages scatter the forests of Kythandria mostly in the forest though they have spread out over the years and can be found in more civilized settlements. They spend much of their day sleeping because of their high metabolic rates and are usually found spending their afternoons lazing about. During the night however even the laziest mrem will zip to and fro occasionally. They are a quick and agile race after all, with lightning fast reflexes. They are not known for their constitution however as they are usually light boned.

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