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The Minotaur


Most minotaurs are a cursed race, created by magic to be used to be used as instruments for vengeance. As a result they are born with a deep hatred for all types of magic, nor are they beholden to any god. Minotaurs dislike other races intensely, preferring to live on their own or in small communities. Their language is a rough human, a painful reminder of the dark birth of their race.

While many minotaurs are brutal, uncivilized savages, they are not mindless killers. While some may be cruel, most are simply unrefined; their harsh and brutish ways a mixture of their inherent nature, their shame filled past and their difficult life. Beneath the rage lies an honorable race though not many live to see that side of a minotaur.

Minotaurs are muscular, broad and tall, standing a foot or two above an average human. They have the head of a bull and the body of a human. They live simply and can usually be found in caves forests or ruins.

Because of their physical prowess Minotaurs venerate physical strength above all else. Only the strong, they believe, should rule. Surrender is viewed as weakness, so minotaurs will almost always fight to the death. They attack without fear and retreat only when the opponent is clearly superior. As an added bonus minotaurs can use their horns to gore opponents, ripping them up with the sharp edges that they hone and polish in their spare time. With so much brute strength the minotaur has little use for intelligence. After all, why waste your time reading about war when you can go and fight?

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