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The Lizardman


Lizard men are savage, semi-aquatic, reptilian humanoids that live through scavenging, raiding, and, in less hostile areas, by fishing and gathering. Adult lizard men (and women) stand 6 to 7 feet tall, weighing 200 to 250 pounds. Skin tones range from dark green to gray to brown, and their scales give them a flecked appearance. Their tails average 3 to 4 feet long and are not prehensile. Males are nearly impossible to tell from females without close inspection. Lizard man garb typically consists of strings of bones and other barbaric ornaments. They speak their own language, and very often gnoll as well.

Lizard men tend to dislike all non-lizardmen, and often refuse to speak with anyone who is not of their own kind. Very few outsiders know the tongue of the lizardmen, due to its gutterality and the unwillingness of the lizardmen to share its secrets. Many outsiders incorrectly assume that the lizardmen and the Draconians share a common past, and get along well together, nothing could be more wrong. Lizardmen seem to have an almost fanatical hatred for the Draconians. Many great wars have been fought between the two, for no apparent reason or cause. Where this hatred stems from is known to only the lizardmen and the Draconians, and neither of them are talking.

Lizard men usually have excellent strength, durability, and agility, thus make good fighters, thieves, barbarians, or even rangers. Often lacking intelligence and rational thought patterns, lizard men make very poor magic-users, although rarely a shaman with clerical abilities may be found. They are naturally resistant to both disease and bashing attacks.

Lizard men are typically well-practiced with their weapon of choice, being spear and sword weapons they learn to use the moment they have the strength to hold one. Warfare is part of lizard men day-to-day life, and their warrior skills are sharpened to the point any of them can use their weapons to their limits.

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