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The Human

Humans are treated as a single race in Kythandria though there are no limitations to the type of characteristics one can have. As the reader will well know, a human's skin ranges from pale white to dark black, and their eyes vary from blue to green to brown to exotic shades like purple or aqaumarine.

Humans as a class are more tolerant than most other races, accepting the company of dwarves, elves, and the like without much afterthought. Their sociable nature, their ability to survive in all manner of climates and their powers of innovation and organization have lead humans to become one of the more significant powers in Kythandria, their kingdom notable for being very accepting of other races as well as their own.

Humans are a hardly lot and are generally apt in most tasks placed before them. They are neither remarkable nor deficient in any aspect being, all in all, a versatile race.

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