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The Hobgoblin


Eons ago, when the Goblin race was unified, the war chieftains decided to mount an attack on the rest of the lands to increase their power base. After numerous failed raids that amounted to the deaths of almost half the goblin race (since they were attacked by all manner of adventurers and mercenaries) the war chieftains decided it was time to breed a better, stronger race. The chieftains abandoned their goblin brothers, taking with them the strongest soldiers and the wisest minds (for a goblin). Following strict laws they killed any member who showed sign of weakness, whether it be a small babe, an infirm soldier or an injured clansmen.

After many generations of selective breeding the select band of Goblins had succeeded in part in improving the race. They returned to civilization, calling themselves Hobgoblin (which, literally translated, means greater goblin).

This self created race are a proud race who hold their ideals in high regard. Battle and strength are cherished above all and they are excellent warriors. More skilled in the literary arts than their goblin brothers (in fact it is said some know how to read) they have the ability to be shamans or clerics… a profession almost unheard of in the goblin race.

In form they are similar to their goblin ancestors though they stand taller and broader in width. However their prolonged isolation has virtually eradicated their natural goblin resistance against poisons and disease making them vulnerable to these elements.

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