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The Faerie


Faeries are a shy and reclusive people found predominantly in sylvan settings, living in harmony with nature. They stand no taller than two and a half feet in height, and have thin, semi-transparent wings which seem to flutter constantly. Their features are reminiscent of elves, cast in miniature, with slender faces and finely tapered ears. They have silken hair in a myriad of vibrant colours, ranging from spun gold to stormy violet.

By nature, faeries are kind, if mischievous, and would never willfully cause harm to another, except to protect their beloved woodlands. That said, faeries abhor evil and ugliness, their somewhat uppity aesthetic causing long standing conflicts with orcs and trolls. These little beings are not born, as commonly known. In their magical land, a huge mushroom grows. Under it, from time to time, a flower blossoms, and from within it, a faerie is born. They don't grow during their lives, nor change physically, unless they are harmed.

Faeries possess exceptional intelligence. Their mental faculties lend faeries a natural resistance to magic and illusions. Their keen memory and reasoning abilities are unparalleled, and as such, faeries excel in the arcane. Even from an early age, faeries are trained at meditation and mana focusing, lending them an unsurpassed aptitude at sorcery and spellcraft. Their close bond with nature makes them uniquely talented as druids, as well. Though incapable of malice, faeries are merry pranksters, and some have been known to delve into the roguish disciplines.

Their diminuitive form and frailty makes faeries vulnerable to all forms of poisons, as well as earning them a reputation for being short-lived in melee combat. Faeries speak their own tongue, a musical language which sounds more like singing than speech. It is indeed a rarity to find an outsider with any degree of fluency in this melodic language.

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