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Roleplaying a Duergar:

The duergar, also known as the dark-dwarf, is the shameful result of a bitter past. They remain dwarves to the core, with their love for metallurgy and their short stature. There are differences however, which are as marked as the dark taint on their skin and their thin, pale bodies. Most obvious is their hatred for sunlight, second are their softer tones and their uncanny to blend with the darkness. Last is their affinity for magic, an ability gained within the depths of the caverns.

Playing a duergar requires a mindset of both cruelty and cunning. Centuries within the depths of the caverns and the poisons therein have warped your body as well as your minds. You see plots which do not exist, specially from other races which you feel conspire with your hated cousins the dwarves to keep your kind from taking your rightful place in Kamendor. As pain as one been inflicted upon you so too do you wish to inflict pain on others. It is an evil path you follow as duergar.

Duergars are followers of Daethorn who they ferverntly believe will one day give them the vengeance they seek. Though they live in a loosely organized society, their troubled minds strong in magic and their desire for personal vengeance have made them more apt to follow the ways of chaos than of law.

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