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The Dragoon


Dragoons are the offspring of the rare intermarriages between draconians and humans. Shunned by society and outcast by even their draconian parents they are a bitter race determined to reclaim the pride they believe is due to them because of their dragon ancestry.

The dilution of dragon blood in their veins has resulted in a dragon race that looks almost human and at times Dragoons can even walk among the human race unnoticed. However, a closer glance will reveal a massive bulk, the too-sharp gleam of teeth and a faint ridge on their forehead, definitive signs of their forefathers the dragons.

Due to their great strength and fighting prowess one often finds dragoons among the warrior classes, paladins, warriors and even thieves. Do not mistake their massive size for slowness and stupidity however, many dragoons possess a surprisingly sharp mind and can move with almost avian-like speed. Their link with dragonkind has also given the gift of infravision and keen sight which can detect even the most well-hidden thieves.

The combination of their many abilities and the treatment they have received from draconian and human alike have made them aggressive towards all other races, deeming them as worthless and weaker. They hold dragons in the highest regard but look down upon their human ancestors as an inferior breed.

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