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The Celestine


Stories abound about the true nature of the Celestines. They are said to be the angels of Daos, creator of all, who descended to Kythandria to sample the mortal world. Once glorious spirits without form they longed to taste mortality's delights: love, pleasure, touch and taste. Daos agreed to grant them what they sought in turn for a painful price... The loss of immortality.

Their deep and unwavering faith makes them powerful clerics and their god-given strength makes competent warriors. This combination is never more compelling than in a paladin though, religious fervor put to good use through the nobility of the sword.

But there is a darker side to the Celestine race. It is rumoured that as the angels prepared to make their leap to the world of the mortals, a tragedy occurred. An angel, Rithanael by name, fearing the loss of immortality grabbed on to his companion as he fell from the realm of the spirit, dragging her down to the realm of the flesh.

For his cowardice and thoughtlessness, he and his mate (who decided to take his punishment as her own) were cast out from the race. Most say they disappeared but others believe differently.... Creatures of with wings of raven and hair the colour of darkest night. Of dark eyes like caverns filled with malice, hatred and a terrible longing. And some say that those who survive an encounter with a dark angel are never the same again.

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