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Clan Founding

Step One : Forming a Clan

To found a clan you must have at least 3 followers, the only level requirement is that they have been letgained, which will mean 4 total members including yourself. You must decide the following:

1.Theme - Think of the unifying factor that brought your clan together. Ask yourselves, what is our common cause? What does your clan believe in? Do you follow a god? Are you magic users devoted to the use of the art? Are you committed to eradicating evil from the land?

2.Members - The members joining at present (at least 5).

3.Clan Name - i.e. The Order of the Scholar, the Knights of the Valley, the Raven Clan etc.

4.Clan History - How the clan came to have its fief (came into possession) of the land (through birthright, relation to the crown, sale, conquest etc). A clan's tale may be worth from 100 to 10,000 gold depending on how well it is written. The money will be credited to the creation of the Clan Hall.

5.Clan Colour - The colour of your clan's banner (as shown in the whoname).

Step Two : Approval of the Clan

1. Send the above information to the Kingdom Council for its approval.

2. The history will be reviewed by the Kingdom Council. If approved it will take its place of honour in the tales of the 5 kingdoms.

3. Your Clan leader will be contacted by realm and asked to build your Clan Hall on the Darkening Sun building port.

4. To help prevent the implication of a lot of fly-by-night clans (clans that start and then fade as quickly as they come), both a clan history and a clan hall is required for all new clans before they can be implemented.

Step Three: Joining the Kingdom

After imping the clanhall and approval of the history a short RP of "knighting" will take place. Here the ruler accepts the vassal into his land and the vassal will be shown to his fief/land grant (his plot of land is within the kingdom he has joined, the king shall decide where the plot of land is to be).

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